My story begins in the fall of 1991 when I moved to San Antonio.  I was going to college at The University of Texas at San Antonio during the day and working for a small parking lot sweeping company at night.  After graduating in the Spring of 1995 I decided to start my own small sweeping business called San Antonio Sweeping!  I started off hand picking big parking lots 7 days per week.  Just me, my broom and one BIG trashcan.  I did this every night for almost a year until I felt confident that I could maintain, operate and pay for a real sweeper truck.  I was still short on funds so I borrowed some money from my brother and bought a 1 way ticket to Los Angeles.  I bought, site unseen, what was to be my very first sweeper truck.  A 1988 Toyota “Mr Air” sweeper.  A real beauty.  Solid grey primer from bumper to bumper.  I paid the man and immediately headed back to the great state of Texas.  Troubles were not far behind, shortly into my voyage, I broke down in the middle of Arizona around 3am.  A state trooper stopped and assisted me to a truck stop just down the road.  With the last few dollars I had to my name, I bought a pocket knife, screwdriver, flashlight and fixed the radiator hose that blew a hole and caused my engine to overheat.  No major damage.  Amen.  Did a LOT of praying the rest of that trip home, and every day thereafter.  Since that fateful trip from Los Angeles, I have been blessed many times over.  I now have 3 young healthy children, a beautiful wife of 16 years who keeps it all together seamlessly and a company that I have grown so proud of.  I am grateful for all the trials and tribulations that have gotten us this far, as well as kept us humble and appreciative.  Today San Antonio Sweeping Services, Inc. is the largest provider of on site, mobile cleaning equipment in all of South Texas!  We pride ourselves in providing top quality service matched only by our willingness to go above and beyond your expectations!